Ministry of Justice Canvassed Comments on the Revised Metrology Law
Recently, the Ministry of Justice issued the Metrology Law of the People's Republic of China (Revised Draft) and explanations, and canvassed comments from all sectors of the community. In order to clarify the attribution of right and statutory duty of electricity, water, gas and heat(cooling) meter, and protect the legal rights of consumers, the Revised Draft provides that electricity, water, gas and heat(cooling) meter must be qualified for use, and the operator is responsible for replacing the inaccurate meter.
CEPRI's Quality Improvement Technology of Electric Energy Metering Has Reached International Leading Level
Recently, the project Key Technology for Quality Improvement of Electric Energy Metering Equipment Based On Components led by China Electric Power Research Institute passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal organized by China Instrument and Control Society. The project established a standard system for electric energy meters components and the first performance evaluation laboratory for measuring equipment components with CNAS/CMA qualification in the power industry. What's more, its research results have been applied by 27 provincial power companies and hundreds of meter and component manufacturers, which have effectively improved the product quality and significantly promoted the industry upgrading of electric energy metering equipment.
NB-IoT will lead the Revolutionary Progress of Smart Water Meter
During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China is expected to add more than 150 million smart water meters with 45% penetration rates by 2020. In order to advance the application of NB-IoT in smart water, the water industry has listed NB-IoT wireless network access technology in the important application technology, and plan to organize Wireless Communication Technology Working Group to formulate relevant standards and technology solutions, and do pilot work before large-scale promotion.
Zhejiang Made Group Standard - Ultrasonic Gas Meter Was Approved to Release
In May, Zhejiang Made Group Standard - Ultrasonic Gas Meter led by the Zhejiang Province Institute of Metrology was approved to release and implemented. This standard adds real gas detection and quality promise, durability requirements above EU standards and industry standards as well as product safety performance indicators, which is beneficial to promote technology development, overall quality level and global competitiveness of Zhejiang gas meter industry. Although ultrasonic gas meter has entered European and Japanese residential market while it is still in initial stage in China, but its smart design has become gas meter development trend.
National Energy Administration Issued "100 Cities And Towns" Clean Heating Demonstration Project
In January 30, National Energy Administration officially issued Notice on the Construction of the "100 Cities and Towns" Biomass Cogeneration Clean Heating Demonstration Project. This project is expected to be completed (or complete technical transformation)by the end of 2018, which consists of 136 projects in 20 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps with installed capacity of 3.8 million kilowatts and annual agricultural and forestry waste and urban domestic waste consumption of 36 million tons. The heating part of the project replaces about 6.6 million tons of loose coal each year, which is equivalent to saving about 4 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.
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